GEO5 Edition 2021 is planned for November 2020. All GEO5 users subscribed for annual maintenance get the new edition for free. If you run GEO5 2020 and not on subscription yet, subscribe before November 2020 and get the new edition for free along with all the benefits included in the Annual Maintenance.

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Hundreds of users in North America. A sampler of users: Government: USACE, Caltrans, Iowa DOT, FL DOT, WV DOT, Royal Military College of Canada, Ministère des Transports - Québec, St Vincent Ministry of Transport ... Global & National: Jacobs, Mott MacDonald, Langan, Hayward Baker ... Local gems: Deneau Construction, Inc., Iron Claw Engineering LLC, Chung & Vander Doelen Engineering Ltd. ... Universities: University of North Florida, University of New Hampshire, West Virginia University, University of Mississippi, Widener University