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First-time customers ask for a discount code 👷‍♀️

Download GEO5 Demo

First-time customers ask for a discount code 👷‍♀️

Download GEO5 Demo

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"GEO5 is essential to our conducting business as a small geotechnical group. We have easy access to multiple integrated modules you provide along with effective and timely software support. It is a huge improvement over the scattered various analytical software we used to use. There is only one basic and intuitive learning curve for using and moving between the 28 GEO5 analytical modules we currently use. Of particular help is that the site models and soils conditions/parameters can be directly transferred between the modules. This adds consistency and so we enter the data only once instead of every time we need more than one type of geotechnical calculation to solve a problem. The graphics and documentation of our analysis is "report ready" making our presentation of the work efficient and informative."

Rick Thrall
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Strata Design LLC

"I came across GEO5 software several months ago, starting with “Pile” program. It was very easy to use and offers professional output. After that, I purchased “MSE Wall”, “Sheeting Check” and “Slope Stability”. Programs are very versatile and I am able to do full design including internal and external stability of the structure. Once I learned how to navigate with one program, all other ones have same or similar menus, which makes any new program easy to use. One of the great features about these programs is, that I can download demo version which gives me full design capability and decide if the program is good for me or not. Going forward, I will be using mostly GEO5 software and stop using programs from [other vendors] . I can find everything I need with GEO5 programs."

Kruno Kunkera
Vice President
Garden State Engineering

"GEO5 Sheeting Design and Sheeting Check are great software to find the optimum solutions for multiple soil layers with multiple support systems. Technical assistance is available all the time with a detailed and logical explanation. Highly recommend!”

Jayna Naik, P.E.

Senior Engineer,

Aecon Group Inc.

“Gabions and Cantilever modules are very easy to model and use. General soil parameters are provided but they can be easily modified, if needed. Overall, is a great geotechnical software to use.”

Fernando Benítez-Ortiz, MS, EIT
Staff Engineer EIT
O&M Consulting Engineering

“GEO5 is our go-to software for wall/slope design and stability analysis because it is user friendly and versatile. Also, the Geo5 team is very helpful with technical support.”

Daniel A. Vieira, PG, CEG
Senior Geologist

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