GEO5 is geotechnical software suite with 30+ programs, addressing virtually every geotechnical task. It is simple to use, with a consistent interface, on the market for over 30 years, used in over 140 countries worldwide, speaks over 20 languages, offers two modeling approaches analytical and numerical. Hundreds of users across North America. Own (Catalog Buy) or rent a license (Catalog Lease). GEO5 bundles offer significant discounts (Compare Packages) . Try free GEO5 Demo version. It is fully functional in terms of analysis and design. Contact us if you are interested in an online GEO5 overview or GEO5 training. For easy, warehouse-like browsing keep scrolling or use menu on the side. Search tool is on the top. For comprehensive overview of GEO5 visit the developer's website: Fine spol. s r.o.