Visit our booth #918 at Geo-Congress 2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

GEO5 geotechnical software suite is one of the most comprehensive geotechnical software packages on the market. It is simple to use, carries a consistent interface across various programs, and offers an analytical and numerical approach to solving geotechnical problems. Try the GEO5 Demo version for free. It is fully functional in terms of analysis and design. Contact us if you are interested in an online GEO5 overview or GEO5 training.

With hundreds of users across North America, GEO5 successfully serves all types of organizations ranging from small companies, to midsize companies to national and international companies, to government organizations - federal, state, and local, to universities. GEO5 programs can be purchased (Catalog Buy) or rented (Catalog Lease). Ordering GEO5 programs in packages offer significant discounts (compare packages).