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First-time customers ask for a discount code 👷‍♀️

Download GEO5 Demo

First-time customers ask for a discount code 👷‍♀️

Download GEO5 Demo

GEO5 Licensing

Which license do I need?

If using GEO5 on a single computer -> token or dongle, standalone
If using GEO5 on multiple computers (not concurrently) -> dongle, standalone
If using GEO5 concurrently; many users/offices (concurrently) -> dongle, network. For concurrent use of the same GEO5 program, multiple licenses of that program need to be ordered.

Order key.

Standalone (Local) license with the hardware key (dongle)

You can install the GEO5 programs on any number of computers, but GEO5 will be fully functional only on a computer with the inserted dongle. 

Standalone (Local) license with the software key (token)

For installation of the GEO5 software on a single computer. This is also referred to as a node-lock license. The software key is delivered via email and can be transferred via rehost process in case of switching computers, but not more frequently than once a year.

Network license

You can use the software on any number of computers on the network. It allows installation on virtual machines. A network dongle may be connected to any computer on the network. For an optimal licensing arrangement, we recommend involving the IT department and connecting the network dongle to a server. The number of concurrent users is defined by the number of purchased licenses.

Example: Two users can run concurrently the Gravity Wall program and Slope Stability program each. But if two users are required to use the Slope Stability program concurrently, you will need two network licenses ordered and added to the same network dongle.

Network License - Corporate

A corporate license allows the use of the software by multiple legal entities within the corporation, e.g. programs are purchased by a parent company for its subsidiaries. Contact us for more information.

Types of Keys

More information about keys and licensing.

By installing GEO5 on your computer or network you are legally binding to End User License Agreement (EULA)

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